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the hell with all of you.

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honestly, will this self-serving whingeing help? i doubt so. 24 hours on this ridiculous forum and i find myself thinking the same things i did about therapists, counselors, the idiots in mental institutions. you all know absolutely nothing. you are all struggling through the same cement, boxed in by blinders and wandering along. i wonder how many of you sincerely believe that you need to commit suicide. i hope not many. i hope that you find another way of thinking, another reason to live, another system to create for yourself which sustains you. as for myself, give it a year and i'll be all done here. thanks for not much.

(i politely request that my profile be deleted by any administrators. thank you)
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I think you need to realise that we all came here for the same reasons you did, we all have problems, we cant just flip a switch and make you feel better. Only if it was that easy. In order for anyone to get better they must be willing to help themselfs, we can't do it for you.

This is a forum, what can we do apart from listen to you and give our opinions on how you could get help? nothing, that is all we can do. We all know nothing? we're all going through similar things, guess the whole forum know nothing apart from you eh? seriously get a grip.

If you find this forum so ridiculous then leave, simple solution. If your willing to listen to people, make friends and possibly help yourself then dont pass judgement on the way things are done here.

This forum has saved many lives, including my own. I hope your grasp the concept of that.
this posting was more of a rant, than anything else. i do wish that i could find help through this style of support. same with religion and therapy, for that matter. i can't. i was not trying to imply that it's a responsibility of anyone to flip a switch and fix my problems. god knows, that'd have to be a large switch. i express more my own frustration at not finding help anywhere, even from people who are certainly familiar with what i'm feeling. as for leaving, i've posted to the administrator asking to be removed. i'm glad this forum has helped you and many other people. i figured in this section, if anywhere, it would be appropriate to post a frustrated rant and have it taken with a grain of salt.
It was taking with a grain of salt, believe me. But i dont see how you can call a forum that has helped so many people 'ridiculous'. You've been here for a very small amount of time, it does take time to form friendships, those frendships help a trumendously, trust me. If it wasn't for some friends here i wouldnt of got past friday night. Give it a chance, give it time to form a bond with someone. That is gonna take a lot longer than 24 hours. You need to give it a chance.

Admin wont delete you. Just give it a bit longer than 24 hours, everyone is different and this forum helps everyone in different ways, you just have to find way that helps you :smile:
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Rant all you want, they are just words after all.

This site is simpley a blank peice of paper, where you can bump all the stuff that going round in your head for all the world to see, with total anernimity. (sorry my spelling isn't up to much)

What you get beyond that is totatly up to you.

There are no magic answers, no quick fixes, no short cuts.

But may be, just may be, other peoples thoughts can offer you, an ever so slightly different view from your own, a direction you have over looked.

Or may be not, like I said what you get beyond that is up to you.

(But being a old fart, I can see where you are coming from, one or two do see the site as some sort of game, but there are so good folks here too, that will offer genuine down to earth help and advice)
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it's not so much that we can help you, but more we can help you to help yourself, that's what we do here, we help each other up, encourage each other, talk to each other. If only there was just something that would make you better and that was it, but it doesn't seem to work like that.
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