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the holiday season...

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"I almost wish there weren't a holiday season. I know nobody likes me. Why do we have to have a holiday season to emphasize it?"
-Charlie Brown

This sums up pretty well how I feel right now.


I pretty much feel the same, I know what my dad got me already and I told him to take it back and to not waste his money on me, since I know he hates doing it in the first place, which he happily obliged. I know my dad hates me, and hate being around him for the holidays so he can show just how much and so I can show just how much I know it :dry: . I'm sorry your holiday has to suck.


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I like that quote Beautiful, I find it relatable but in a funny way. Of course, we know that Charlie Brown's thinking was wrong. Usually the moral of the Peanuts story is that people care about you even when it doesn't seem that way, it may just be because you cannot see it through all the fog. ;)

And I think if you look hard enough you can find that someone is looking out for you, even if that tiny little light inside yourself. I like to believe in guardian angels. I think holidays would be especially hard, almost unbearable, if I didn't have that.

But anyway good luck my thoughts are with you... :hug:


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I feel the same way. I hate Christmas and all the holiday cheer that goes with it...it just sucks. All those cheery people everywhere you look. Valentine's day is just as bad too. All that lovey dovey crap. It is all just a Hallmark holiday. Just bah humbug.

I love that quote...
I'm homeless and the holiday really sucks when you don't have a home...
I don't know what to do... things keep getting worse around here...
I got stabbed on monday...
Someone just got smashed over the head with a baseball bat (A friend of mine who is also homeless) and he might die...
I don't know what to do... the holiday sucks...
Everyone keeps saying MERRY CHRISTMAS and all that shit... but I'm not feeling very merry this year. :(


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Mostly true (the quote), and I empathize. I'm actually in a very depressed and angry mode today, and hate feeling this way. But I'm sure I'm not alone on this list with these emotions. My friend, who has supported me during my depression over the past several months has brushed me aside for more important family matters and it hurts. I'm alone and not sure how I'll survive the next couple holiday weeks.

BTW Melinda, how come you're homeless and have internet access?

-Yada yada yada


The holiday season is particularly difficult because of its symbolism. It is a time of rejoicing and celebration......but for those who have little to rejoice in and celebrate, it is as if their lives are placed under a miscroscope and what they don't have seems magnified....the exuberance of the holiday season enjoyed by everyone else seems to mock those who are depressed.


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Well said Stocky. BTW, I see/hear a lot of people saying that they're depressed because everyone else is happy with their families so they hate all these people and wish them ill will, etc. I cannot understand that. I see those happy people too, but don't wish them ill will... I just wish I had that happiness. Sigh.


I hate Christmas. Everyone in my entire family is successful and good looking except me. They are nice to me for the most part but I hate being the looser of the family.
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