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The holidays are not fun for a lonely person

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Everywhere I turn there are people having fun together. Couples doing Christmas shopping. Friends doing things together. The holidays are a time for friends to have fun and spend time together.

I went out today, and that was all I saw. I can't handle it anymore. I came home and wanted to cry. Even if my family is with me I still feel so alone. So lonely... it hurts so bad. I don't think I can deal with this for much longer. I need to feel cared for.

I wouldn't wish this feeling on my worst enemy.

am I alive

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I feel exactly the same. It makes me feel miserable when i see people my ages have a fun, go to parties etc. and i'm alone at home with my computer and family.
Well I'd like to say "At least you're safe at home on the computer. If you went to a party and got drunk, not only might it be awful but you might not know what you were doing and put yourself in a lot of danger!" But while that's true...it doesn't really help, does it? I never get invited to parties either. At this point I'm used to it :laugh:
You're right though, Christmas is a time for people to come together. I don't know if it's better or worse that this year I do have someone I want to be with, but there's no chance of that for months yet. Stupid distance :(


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Going to be very lonely this holiday season. I'll be with family, but I have nothing in common with them. Also, since i'll be away I may not have access to the forum.
If not I'll honestly miss it. I hope i get back.
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