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the hospital is right across the street...

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i am at a coffe shop.. across the street from the hospital.. trying to get the courage to go..

has anyone here admitted themselves into the hospital?
can you tell me what it was like?

my pain has to stop.. somehow.. and soon.. I can't live like this anymore.. it has been too long...
If you feel you need to check yourself in, please do so. The fact that you have thought about it means you probably do need it and want help. I know the decision is not an easy one to make. Trust yourself to do what is the best for you. I am thinking of you. Take care. Walk across the street and tell them what you need. You can do it. :hug:


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So close, yet so far...boy, dont l know that conflict...you can feel very proud that you are in the midst of this debate, and yes, as others have said, walk across the street and get the help you need...please let us know how you are doing...big hugs
it is funny.. it seems as if the only way i can feel safe is if i completely drown out reality...

this website does that for me.. it makes my feelings unreal.. so i don't have to deal with them...

the coffee shop i go to lets me feel like i am in a different world where nothing matters...

then.. when reality hits.. it hits hard..

i was here earlier... and now i am here again.. contemplating just walking accross the street... but i am here.. and i feel safe.. the hospital is the unknown..

the problem is, when i leave.. i have to return to reality again..

it is somewhat of a paradox.. i come here and feel safe, but i am not being healed.. i am just delaying my emotions..

so here i am again.. go or no go.. idk
i have been there several times before. i remember one time when i sat outside the hospital pondering it forever and i finally went in. well i eventually went in that day and they didn't keep me but that was the day the door was opened to my getting more help. so it went ok. anyways it worked out. take care give it a shot if u really feel u need it..things will work out take care
i'm glad to hear you went in. how did it go? i heard you say it was interesting. did you have to stay? did you find it to be a good thing? just curious. take care
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