The House

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    Background: "The House" was one of my more recent delusions. It was a fantasy world where I was safe from the bad voices. It helped me deal with my illness, until the bad voices found it and destroyed it.

    The House
    In the house that has no name
    We hide from sorrow, flee pain.
    Sweet nepenthe take me there
    In rooms of shadow and air.
    I will set me up a place
    Wherein all this outward race;
    Mortal man may be measured
    Ways of women be censored.
    And this illusory thing
    That we call a soul; the thing
    We doll up in public, paint
    Up for parties, to hide taint,
    This I will reveal to all.
    I will build a house, a wall.
    A place where we cannot hide.
    Men must face that thing inside.
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    I like this one.:smile:

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