The human race, is a disgrace.

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    For so long I've wanted to say this sort of thing somewhere, and this is the place. I'm not directing this thread at everyone, but you know who you are, if you fit into the description of what I'm about to say:

    Girls:: There's other "cute" men out there, so forget Zac Efron for a while. And no girls, he isn't perfect. And yes, I have known girls who said this.

    Girls:: If you're popular, real hot, get men looking at you all the time, then don't say stupid stuff like "I'm fat" or "I'm ugly". Leave those words to the actual fat and ugly people. Which is funny, because a lot of these girls have no problem making fun of other ugly people.

    Guys:: I don't know if any guy still does this, but where I live, no one really matures much. Stop randomly spitting in front of girls, it disgusts women, and no one thinks you're cool when you do it. Unless you're a jackass who thinks that sort of this is cool. Swallow your saliva, it won't kill you.

    Girls:: I have met a TON of these. Freshman girls, stop the drama. Enough said. You will never, ever know how annoying you can be to other people. Once you become a higher class in high school, or if you're more mature, you'll find out what I mean.

    Guys:: If you grew up in a normal suburban city, with a normal family, with a decent lifestyle, DON'T turn into a wigger. Sometimes I wonder why God doesn't strike these people for the amount of stupidity they radiate in the air. If you like wearing Fubu, South Pole, whatever, that's fine, just don't try to act all "hard" and talk like you're black. I know what ghetto is, I have a father who was raised in the ghetto, was dirt poor beyond belief, had to eat from a food pantry, was beaten by his mother and her boyfriends on the daily basis. If you have gone through things like this... Then go ahead, you have every right to be "hard".

    Anyone:: I'm not really seeing this too much anymore, but if you're emo, stop it. Enough said. I'm not talking about normal people who dress emo. I mean actual emo people. That whole thing got real old, real fast.

    Girls:: You better be damn careful of the poor nerds and geeks you ignore (that liked you) or make fun of. Chances are, you may be working for them, and most of them might not give you a job without even thinking.

    Girls:: I have met a lot of girls like this... If you pull off the "mean & sexy bitch" phase, sure, it may attract some men, but you will repel a lot of men as well, trust me. Take it from a guy.

    Guys:: Don't be the loud annoying "everyone's gotta hear me" type. That crap may work in crappy high school, but probably not in the real world.

    Anyone:: Sad fact - Enjoy your popularity while it lasts. In college and the real world jobs, it'll probably vanish.

    Guys:: Don't talk about smoking and drinking like you do it on the daily basis, if you don't. There are many people in this world that have a lie detector in their head.

    Guys:: Don't lie about having sex with someone. That can backfire, and I mean really backfire. No joke.

    Girls:: Stop saying, "I want a nice guy" and end up dating some senile jock idiot the next day.

    Girls:: Now girls, you can argue with me on this all you want, but the fact will be the same. That fact is, it is harder for guys to get girls, then it is the other way around.

    Girls:: Sure, date college guys, and keep thinking how "immature" boys your age are, but bare in mind, that there just may be some guys avoiding you because they think you're immature. Some girls aren't as mature as they think they are, and dating a college guy doesn't prove that, or anything for that matter.
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    I hear you loud and clear man ><, I just hope no one is insulted, but some of the stuff you talk about really deserves more ranting than it ever gets!