The Human Species....

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    FUCKING SUCKS. We should be wiped off the face of the earth. For all the supposed intelligence we possess we do nothing good in the world. I have asked several of my friends to name ONE good thing humans have ever done. None have come up with an answer that wasn't simply something to correct a problem we created.

    The Matrix was right when it said that we are a virus. We breed and destroy everything around us. People have become so self absorbed. Even in the animal kingdom they can realize when sacrificing something for oneself for the good of all is actually good for themselves anyways. But nope, we continue to think ME ME ME. For every new technology or invention we make we seem to become more ignorant.

    The anger and frustration of having to conform to something that is wrong just because it's the way it has always been is absolute Bullshit. Watch the new movie Lions for Lambs and pay close attention the the ending between the prof and student.

    I am willing to work for what I want but it is impossible for me to do it alone.
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    sad as it is, i completely agree with you. our species is a terror, mass murdering animals just so that we can feed our overweight selves. its not exactly the mos positive viewpoints but unfortunately its the fact...:unsure:
  3. martijn

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    I guess you're both right.. In the small fraction of time that human beings have been on the earth, we've already managed to fuck it (and ourselves along with it) up this badly. Doesn't promise alot, does it..

    The earth and nature would be alot better off without humans. We're just one of nature's mistakes.

    Oh well, wouldn't surprise me if we managed to wipe out our entire race (or 99% of it) or return to the middle-ages within a 100 years (I've got this secret hope that the Mayans are right and something will happen in 2012:unsure:). Nature rejoice.

    I've never actually managed to agree with today's culture or most humans, but sheez.. Nothing I can do about that, is there? I'll just have to tag along.

    You could always just drop out of society and go live in the mountains..:dry:
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    This world is so corrupt