the " I CANT" your life

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    when we are young, there are many things that "we grow to know". what we see, hear and experiance are things that we become familiar with.
    sadly for many, some of those simple factors of life create negative believes that we harbor inside. we grow to believe nothing else. we were never giving the oppertunity to esxpand our horizons. this all do to negatives that we ended up believing.

    the "im not good enough" syndrome carrys alot of weight on our self esteem.
    with all the negative that we see, hear during our childhood, we shut down thoughts of hope, self gratitude and the concept of being of value get destroyed ... BY US.

    later in life we simply cant get out of bed, cant find a good job etc.
    its the attitude that was created by the negitives we grew to know.

    its the lack of believe in ourself that keeps us in cant mode.

    we get pissed off at ppl that treat us crappy, that "ruined our lives".
    we get angry at the past.

    granted at a young age we are ignorant of "life".
    we get pissed off because life has dealt us a raw deal.
    shouldnt you be just alittle pissed at yourself .. FOR LETTING YOURSELF DOWN ? FOR ALLOWING YOURSELF to shut the door on anything and everything?
    the point is, sure we can get mad at ourself and say we want to die.
    the deal is, who wins in this situation ?
    some of may even start to feel resentment towards themselves because of their thoughts.
    dont keep dragging that false sense of pride around because your imbarrassed to get help.
    have you ever TRIED to step out of the I CANT BOAT ?
    even if you dont succede the first time, its not the end of the world.
    the only thing stopping you when you feel that way IS YOU.

    there are things i need to change to make things better for me. it takes time, but i know if i keep at it .. it can and will happen.
    dont allow yourself to get swallowed up in a negative mindset that YOU CONTROL.
    i bid you peace
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    You have a gift with these posts. Very insightful and true. With age though I think comes acceptance of who we "really" are. I find I dont try so hard to be like others, want what others have, try to find happiness the ways other do, spend hours stressing over my appearance (at one time in my life I would get up an hour before my now ex so that he didnt see me without perfect makeup and hair. Now if I go to the store my hair even combed, not a problem). Once I had my own children I know longer existed for the world. I existed for them. True maybe still not for me, but closer than ever before. To try and instill the exact same ideas that you have put out here. And like I did and they do and generations before and beyond me did and will do they utter...... "what the Hell do you know?" It's the nature of the beast. And the cycle will continue. But I hope that members reading this will take an opportunity to really listen unlike generations before and use it for what it was meant.... to realize you are you, and the Hell with what the rest of the world keeps trying to sell you. You are the only one that can contol you when it comes to being the real person you are. Some may do a damn good job of keeping that you hidden away but in time the real you can and will surface again. Not the you that others have created, but the deep down always been there you! Now it's time for this oldie to have her prune juice and a happy nappy (lol).
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