the incompetence that haunts my life. now with doctors.

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  1. Everyday i remember how useless i am, and how life doesn't deserve me. A paradox? Perhaps. But it's the truth. However instead of wallowing in self pity like always, how about a new story? The story of the incompetent doctor and nurse?
    Medicin with side effects has been a part of my life for years now, but when i am presentet with new ones, i know the side effects, because my nurse/ doctor/ psychiatrist/ psychologist is suppose to let me know about dangerous ones. Or so i thought. 6 potential fatal side effects... 6... that is what i found today, now that i finally realised that my "helpers" aren't helping me. They throw me out when i get angry, they throw me out when i am sad, and they let me leave when i tell them i have suicide thoughts? Help? Euthanasia, perhaps, but not anything else. How can they call themselves students of medicin?
    I will complain to their superiors. I will roar and shout, and everything i have to, so that they will pay. I trusted them, and they sacrifice me like this? They never once helped me, never once gave me advice, only drugs, they didn't understand themselves. My life is hell, and they make money. I will make them understand what they have created. what i have become. And the great thing? I can do it just by writing down, what they have done, and mail it to their superiours.

    If not, i don't wan't the curse called life.
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    If your medical professionals have been incompetent or negligent then certainly writing to their superiors and following up on it is the right thing to do. I hope that you get an outcome that feels right for you.

    Medications have side effects and sometimes that is what we deal with in order to feel better. A lot of people get very few side effects and some people get more. Usually life threatening side effects are only life threatening for people with certain conditions. Obviously if you have these conditions and have been prescribed the meds anyway, that is a huge issue - but try to remember that a potentially life threatening side effect is usually not remotely life threatening to most people - usually only the people with existing medical complications.

    I hope that you get whatever justice is warranted. Take care and stay safe,

  3. I no longer wan't vengance, but i do want them to be confronted with their mistakes, and judged accordingly. The side effects weren't in themselves lethal, but it involved not to drive, drink or work heavy machinery, all three of which they expressly assured me weren't side effects affiliated with these drugs, and all of these activities, are activities that i did whilst using the drugs. Only when i studied the notes in the medicin boxes, (which they said i didn't have to), did i realize their errors.