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The kind of "friends" you never wanna meet

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everytime they walk past me i hear them scream "WHORE!" "SLUT!" "she should just die where shes standing!"
it doesnt hurt as much as it did before i got a tougher skin now then i did when this started
but it might not stay that way if this continues
im sick of them
we got called into the counselor on friday
and it was one-on-one session with me and arrianna gregori...
ok we had to sign a slip that said "i will not lie and will not exageratte any facts said"
i guess arrianna misunderstood it and thought it said "i will not speak the truth and i will exageratte all facts said" cause every single word that came out of her mouth was lies lies LIES!
she said im the one whos been saying shit about her
and all that
but i havent!
i have to go have another mediation session with Olivia Cox and Christina Jenkins on Monday
i need help with all of this
somebody please help me
if you took the time to read thru this than thank you
it means the world to me...
uh? well, they're not your friends, so don't relate to them or with them

otherwise, tell the truth, often lies get exposed


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i hate hearing stuff like this. no one deserves to be treated like that. You say theses are you're 'friends" saying this? Well fuck them. if your actually hanging out with these people then, for the sake of your well being, STOP! You have to take action to get them to stop. Seriously, tell the counslor exactly whats happening. and if they dont believe or care then tell youre principal. Just keep trying and eventually you'll find someone who will help you. and trust me, when i was in high school i received verbal abuse on a daily basis. and i sorely regret not telling someone about it, because it could have really helped.
Anyway, i hope you're able to overcome what is going on right now. Stay safe, and if you ever want to talk with someone whos been there feel free to PM me.
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