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The last person who needed me does not need me anymore

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My mother was moved into the locked Alzheimer unit yesterday. She no longer knows I even exist. My last reason for not doing it won't even know if I'm gone now.

It's been a long painful goodbye with my mother. I just want to go now.


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I am sorry about your mom. One of the most roughest way to go is losing them piece by piece. Yet she is still there somehow and not there anymore. Take it one day at a time as its easier said than done but there are support groups focused on helping people know they are not alone dealing with their loved ones like this.

Hugs just letting you know you are not alone in this. Maybe googling or FB searches so you can have someone to share your experience with?


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I will bet any money that before your mother developed the Alzheimers, the most important thing for her was to see you safe and happy.
You will feel the same way towards your own kid(s) in the future.
Which leads me on to this question: WHO says your mother is the last person that needs you? Got any proof?

I feel a little embarrassed saying this, but we need you.


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I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. That's terrible news. I do hope that you find another reason for hanging in there though. Life is absolutely worth living.
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