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the laws, the goverment, the screw ups

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by armsopenwide, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. armsopenwide

    armsopenwide Active Member

    not the police but the justice system, there the ones who punish the victims, the goverment are the ones who stop the ones (try) really trying to help,,, proper tame but true examples compared with the ones id like people to put on about the sorts of things they will know im on about,,, stick with me lol but no laughing matter, not so long ago i was proper attacked cuz i was blind, someone i was with ended up being beat with a baseball bat, his arm broke, his pretty broke in many places i even had to grab his head while the lad went to his him why he was kod on the floor, google it, im not a liar, got to court my statements and what i had to go through at the courts. well my statements go pretty much laughed at cuz im blind, lad who did it coulnd not get out of the truth what he did, police well nice, judge gave him a year suspended, aka nothing, had him get me again sort of. but a girl i was walking my pup with, female yep, nuts yep, coward?nope, proper crazy lol no i class her as norm, she had one of theses dogs, by the way that are never forced, or treated bad or nasty in anyway but yet trained that if they are, they win, people who say that wrong, you the type that is the court system, she was only no only she is the best, but yeah never get her name out of me for one reason only, she would get the sack, why she took me for a drink, she took me for walks at any time i wanted to go, she swore a hell of a lot lol, she had just lost one of the closest people to her yet on one christmas come and seen if i was ok, then she qualfied, goverment said had not jobs for someone like this, she had to go to differant area, i got took over by fully trained one, she signed me off over the phone and this took all my help away even the blind help, stick me in charge i can and would sort this country out, one not in racist way one bit but anyone who dont deserve to be here out, bt, british gas etc there call centres here aka work for british people and i really dont care what colour you are even if you do, rapists raped, tortuted untill the person they raped as had there pay back, then sorry but even people with mh dnt scoop lower than rock bottom, same as ones hurting these animals id have highly trained dogs rip you to pieces screw human rights, screw clogging up prisons, your type un helpable, id help the needed, screw the rich, stop paying me if i was in charge that is, the rest of the goverment the people ment to care bout this country, nhs the best dont care what anyone says, only the goverment killing that, homeless sorry but queen get out, share your stolen wealth, do something, the english go on the british bull dog fighting spirit, trouble is there weak, spineless want me to prove it with your NASTY one, nope forget that there weak, if we following the dog, wont go down to well but sorry check the gsd, that is what we need to follow not the ones leading us to more doom and gloom, also these people with not just the funds but the hands to help those not let as well of as them, if you didnt sort your ways out, if i was in charge all you sort would be switched for the ones in the 3rd world countries, so new year coming, more love, more warthm, weaker stick to the ones who are genuine, the ones who dont care, dont help, dont care that some one they know is down and weak, lets all say fuck it to them, each grab someone weaker and be the better person