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    Its not a competition I know. .. so why do I feel so hurt & get so upset. .. my little girl asks me to go upstairs to see her model... so I then have to explain I can only get upstairs after lunch so she asks her Dad... who says of course let s go... if something needs to be done my dh just does it whereas I have to ask someone to do it. ..I am in so much pain and feel so ill that I just want to finish it Urrggg I started this feeling mad now don't have the strength to keep typing
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    It is so difficult to deal with being left out and not being able to do what you want...please try to amend the situation to ask her next time to do it in a place you can get to so you do not have to lose out again...I hate compromise, but have found that the more I look for that point, the less 'left out' I feel...with great caring and understanding
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    Thank you, your kind and thoughtful response and care mean so much more than you know :hug: I hope today is an easier day for you too.