The Liberation Treatment - For patients with MS

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  1. Axiom

    Axiom Account Closed

    There is a news video clip on the website aswell.
    Pretty interesting. Not a cure, but a chance for people with MS to have more.. life.
  2. Issaccs

    Issaccs Well-Known Member

    I have an issue with this, most MS sufferers only develop the syndrome later in life, so is the Doctor noting that MS patients have poor circulation or that the elderly have poor circulation. I'm quite sure if research could be done into people with similar cardiological defects the majority wouldnt have MS.

    I heard about this research a couple of months ago from my Grandfolks, (Grans 85 and been diagnosed since she was 50 something) but if it were really something so simple then surely blood thinners would give patients massive improvements.
  3. Axiom

    Axiom Account Closed

    It might be that's the thing. The Canadian government is slowly doing clinical trial works at UBC, that is projected to take 2 years.

    It could be that there are similar symptons between people with MS and with this narrowing of the viens. Perhaps this is just defining a new condition that is seperate to MS that produces the same results.

    Though, if someone has MS, it doesn't hurt to have yourself checked out for this narrowing. Regardless of how it affects MS, dealing with that narrowing will undoubtly be benifical. It's interesting to see the commonality. It could also be this is just a secondary affect of MS.

    What's interesting is the "Almost 100 percent". So there is someone who has MS but does not have this narrowing, which I wish they would talk alot more about to in this case.
  4. empty101

    empty101 Well-Known Member

    Yea they definitely need to discovery exactly what the link is.

    However it sounds like the treatment will at least help people with MS so that's great.
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