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  1. Chronny Depp

    Chronny Depp Member

    Okay so long story short, I am easily changeable. If I read something, I start doing that without even realizing it. An example would be when someone says I'm bad at something, I tend to become bad at that thing really quickly until I finally convince myself I am good and my confidence starts flowing again. Or when someone says I am a terrible person or something negative about me, within about an hour I'll start saying it to myself without even realizing where I got that from.

    This is a lot for me to ask, and I understand if nobody is willing to do it. But if you have a moment, this is the only place I know that doesn't have trolls and has a lot of real caring people. Please type me just one thing that should By should I mean, something positive you would want in a person. Just one thing, and hopefully a small list will form that I can go back to and read anytime I am feeling bad or negatively changed. I am also sorry if I sound rude, I have no excuse but please note my frustration with everyone at school trying to bring me down and no one at home has the time to bring me back up.

    To help me change to what you write, write it as though it is already me. You are describing who I am. "You are a good reader" "You are a good listener" or "you will _____". Please don't post any "You are not ____" even if it is a positive statement.

    I know I must sound ridiculous but there is no where I can go where people are positive, especially at this time of the year. I really do change this easily and it's probably due to my lost identity. Please help me reinvent myself. I really appreciate any posts

    Thank you for your time ^^
    (I feel like I'm forgetting something...)
  2. You are a good person.
  3. pppqp

    pppqp Well-Known Member

    No one on Earth
    Exists quite like you
    And no one is able
    To do what you do

    The person you are
    The talents you bear
    Gifts that only
    You can share

    Only you have learned
    From the things you’ve done
    Gaining perspective
    From the battles you’ve won

    Times when you’ve lost
    Have been priceless too
    The lessons contribute
    To what makes you you

    The rest of the world
    Can’t see through your eyes
    Which is why your insight
    Is such a prize

    Because you are you
    There are lives you affect
    Much more than you
    Would ever expect

    The things you do
    The things you say
    Send ripples throughout
    The Milky Way

    You’re unique, amazing
    Like no one else
    You have the exclusive
    On being yourself.

    Dan Coppersmith
  4. 1Lefty

    1Lefty Well-Known Member

    You are confident and compassionate
  5. Chronny Depp

    Chronny Depp Member

    You guys are amazing!

    Thank you so much for helping me! I came back to this forum thinking everyone would think I am crazy, but instead I found people actually helping me bring myself up again. Ironically, it's been a while since anyone has tried to bring me down too. Or maybe I just don't notice ^^ either way, Thank you! It really does mean a lot to me.
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