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  1. brokenandlonely

    brokenandlonely Well-Known Member

    A Little boy sitting lonely on a hot sandy beach
    with his hands that are outstretched waiting desperately for someone to reach.
    People walk by and yet nobody sees
    the little face of the boy begging them, please

    His hunger starts to burn as his eyes they have started to tear...
    how desperately he wishes for someone to hold him close and near.
    He needs to feel their warmth as he needs to feel their love.
    He has been waiting for someone to rescue him from this life of his that is so tough

    The Little boy sitting on the beach with his runny nose.
    As he chews his nails while the cold wind blows.
    As he is watching the beautiful sun go down,
    He feels so sad, he has been neglected, unloved and left alone.

    As the night gets darker and colder as a breeze blows away his single tear
    It would take the power of a storm to blow away all of his discomfort and his fear.
    bundled as he lays on the ground.
    The waves are still as silence is kept as there is an absence of sound.

    As the morning sun rises across on the opposite side of the sea
    a fisherman looks and discovers a lifeless body as death has finally turned it's key.
    His eyes lay staring and pale as they show no more expression except for a frozen stare.
    As he questions: Why did no one comfort him and Why did no one care?
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    this is my favorite :smile:
  3. nagisa

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    Very touching poem, harry. :hug:
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