The Little Things

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by Allo.., Apr 28, 2007.

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  1. Allo..

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    I got this idea from a post on another forum.

    Sometimes I want to die.. you hear about people saying that a little thing they would miss keeps them from offing themselves, so i thought i would make a list of my 'little things'.


    -Kisses in the moonlight
    -Kisses in the rain
    -kisses at the beach

    -the beach

    That joy when you stand up for a really long ride
    That feeling when you stand up on the board for the first time

    -holding hands at the beach
    -walking with someone on the beach
    -swimming in your underwear
    -getting drunk at the beach
    -waking up with sand through your hair

    When you are walking in the rain.. and the moment that you realise you're soaked right through.

    -Late nights on msn
    -Late nights talking on the phone
    -Texting at 3 in the morning
    -Sweet messages when you wake up

    When someone texts you straight after spending hours on the phone, hours on msn, or hours together..

    -Messages saying goodnight
    -Having deep and meaningfulls
    -Being told you are loved
    -falling in love
    -Completing a hard piece of work

    When you work really hard all maths lesson while listening to your mp3 player.. then being dismissed and knowing you have never worked so hard in your life

    -being physically wrecked
    -completing a task
    -making someone laugh
    -crying on a friends shoulder
    -holding someone while they cry to you
    -holding hands
    -hugging a stranger
    -smiling at someone

    When someone makes you laugh while your crying.. and you hiccup..
    That little smile you make when youve finished crying and realise how stupid you were

    -Being proud of someone
    -seeing an old friend

    Being so full that you feel like you will burst.. and then eating that last slice of pizza

    -needing to pee so bad that you honestly cant hold it
    -peeing in a public place
    -that first dizzying effect of the alcohol
    -being drunk
    -recieving letters in the mail
    -getting sent presents
    -birthday cards
    -christmas cards
    -sending letters
    -doing something extremly stupid just for the sake of it
    -laughing at a song
    -laughing so hard that you cry
    -laughing so hard that you cant breathe
    -laughing so hard that you cant stand up
    -re-telling something that happened the night before
    -watching someone show off
    -Blaring your music so you cant hear yourself when you yell
    -dirty dancing

    Being REALLY angry and yelling so hard that your throat feels like youve just ripped it open

    -splitting your pants
    -standing on your toes
    -going to a concert
    -singing a christian song
    -reading the bible
    -being told to shut up
    -falling out of bed
    -waking up with less clothing than you started with

    Waking up while in the prosess of taking off an item of clothing

    -high fiving someone
    -sitting up in bed
    -waking up at 3pm
    -going to bed at 6pm
    -staying up all night
    -eating vedgetables
    -being complimented

    When you can feel the plane first leave the ground

    -getting to a new city
    -getting lost
    -feeling like a tourist
    -reading a map
    -reading a really good novel
    -finding a new book by an author you love

    Being told that something you have done has made someone proud of you (josh ♥)

    -Dancing uncontrolably
    -getting an A
    -finishing homework
    -realising school is over for the day

    Not eating for a few days, or a week, and feeling completely empty.

    -Having 'firsts'
    -doing the right thing
    -helping a stranger
    -almost being hit by a car
    -laughing at something you were scared of
    -telling stories
    -decorating your room

    Cleaning the whole house when no one is around.. and then looking around at what youve just done

    -the words "i love you"
    -watching a baby smile at you
    -playing with children
    -looking at photos
    -childhood memories
    -playing in autumn leaves
    -going back to a favourite place
    -feeding the ducks

    Doing something that you see small children doing.. Things you did when you were small..


    Remembering the time i cried to daddy in the car, not wanting to see the dentist.. having him drag me into the surgery.. and then walking out with him laughing at how silly i was being

    -remembering things with your parents
    -talking to mum and dad
    -calling your parents mummy and daddy
    -having a family dinner
    -family birthday parties
    -dads birthday cake
    -making breakfast in bed
    -the smell of bacon in the morning
    -hugs from your parents
    -watching your brother play soccer

    Auditioning and not getting in, when you laugh at how stupid you were being, and laughing at your friends stupidity.. telling yourself you're too cool

    -doing the splits
    -birthday parties
    -watching movies with your mum
    -taking youger children to the movies
    -being responsible for someone
    -having a child run up and hug you
    -reciving a gift
    -giving a gift
    -looking at pictures
    -achieving things
    -throwing your old blades away
    -saying NO to drinking

    Doing something really, really wrong.. and insted of yelling at you, your mother holds you and lets you cry insted..

    -being completely and utterly sorry
    -being forgiven..
    -being tucked into bed
    -being woken up with a kiss
    -seeing beautiful photography
    -hot people (lol)
    -being told a secret
    -telling a secret

    When you are asleep and wake up in the middle of the night thinking it is almost time for you to get up... then seeing the clock and realising you have hours left =]

    -when you smell something disgusting and keep sniffing
    -Teddy bears
    -lip balm
    -knowing that you look absolutely gorgeous
    -wearing dresses
    -looking like the girlyest girl
    -packing on the makeup
    -going out in your pajamas
    -painting your toenails
    -waking up looking awesome
    -curley hair

    When you say *lol* and actually laugh =p

    -when someone calls you an idiot
    -knowing that you are loved.
    -hearing a song you havent heard for years
    -watching kids shows

    Sitting down, and knowing that though life has been absolutely shit.. you are still alive. You have made it this far, and have experienced all of those great things and more.. and there is so much out there for you in the future.. That there are millions more experiences you will discover.

    Knowing that you are alive.
    And being happy that you are.

    this is dedicated to outofthepicture =p Thanks for showing me that post :hug:
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  2. itachi

    itachi Well-Known Member

    and I am proud of you Ally, :smile:
    very very proud.

    Luv, Josh
  3. Stylez

    Stylez Well-Known Member

    wow what a long post... :)

    the little things to me is people barley breathing by me making them laugh, feeling nice in the morning...being able to speak my thoughts....shit like that
  4. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    Wish I had someone to do those things with... :(
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