The logical answer is death

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by FireLemon, Jul 26, 2008.

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  1. FireLemon

    FireLemon Member

    So I come to this site not because I want to live but because I want to want to live. I simply have no inclination to live right now and feel as if I'm melting away. Based on my logic, I realy should be dead by now, but i suppose human tendancy leads me away from it. I realy feel as if theres nothing worth living for. I can't feel truly love and I can't truly feel hate. I simply exist just to wade through the shit river that is life. Even if i were destined to do somthing truly great like cure cancer or somthing, It would be nothing compared to the fact that no one is immortal. thusly if i can find nothing "worth it" in life then i should just save myself the trouble and die now.

    I respect the fact that many people want to live life or see somthing that I don't, but thats just it. I don't enjoy life. For some life gets better and they enjoy it. but i have a feeling im one of those people who just won't and have no intention of dragging myself through cement to go some cheap prize.
  2. ToddMAdl

    ToddMAdl Well-Known Member

    I tend to feel the same way. What makes life worth living when we are only going to die anyway? The answer is unfortunately I don't know. There's no way to know whether life is all we have and there is nothing after death and that bothers me very much too but all you can do is try to do things that you enjoy. Get the most out of what you enjoy and what you like to do and accomplish your dreams if you have any. I hope there is more than that but there is no way to know until after you die so that's the only conclusion I can come up with.
  3. FireLemon

    FireLemon Member

    I do try and get what I can from life but it dosent realy stop the pain of being alive, just kinda distracts you with shiney objects
  4. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Don't use logic then :hug:
  5. FireLemon

    FireLemon Member

    Well for one, that would be...illogical and for two theres no non-logical reason for me to exist either except for religions that I don't practice or people who blindly want to live. I simply will not just put my best foot forward anymore. Sure theres people who suceed by being failures but theres tons more who have nothing to their name and end up being nothing more than lifes lemmings.
  6. hare

    hare Active Member

    the logical answer is death because we're all going to die someday. why speed up the ticking clock? you don't always need logic to find the answer to things. questions about life are big questions. no one knows the meaning of life. we only know what life is like. there is no alternative if we're going to all die anyway. maybe if we knew what comes after death, death would be more logical.
    just because life is hard, doesn't mean death is any better.
  7. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    Hell the way this world is going we will all be dead in the near future.Floods,tornadoes,hurricanes,earthquakes,wars, and more. At home there are people being shot everyday. Violence is breaking out everywhere. So I don't see why people are so focused on how many material things they can get.
    You need to find something to occupy your time. I am sure you have read it hear at the forum more than once.Why not volunteer somewhere, It will help to lift your spirits knowing you are making a difference.I had one person PM me and thank me. She went to the humane society and started helping with all the cats and dogs. That is a good one, I never thought about.Take Care..
  8. hare

    hare Active Member

    yes, doing volunteer work is a good way to boost your self worth. knowing that you've made a difference and can still make a difference is a big reason to keep living. and seeing positive changes, even if not in your life but in the lives of those you're helping, can help turn your perspective of the world into a more positive direction.
  9. FireLemon

    FireLemon Member

    I just can't keep living like this though, theres a void in my heart. I can't feel love or hate. and as much as I like helping living things, I can't go on with the knowledge that the solution is right next to me (death). It dosent feel like a temporary problem at all. I feel soon as if I'll just blow away with the wind.
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