The Lonely Star

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  1. Youlleatamuffinandlikeit

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    The Lonely Star

    It breaks the fathom
    This cataclysm
    A light wind wrath ‘em
    My heart is saddened

    Gloss and tint
    Forms the frontier sprint
    Connecting the broken links
    My power surges from print

    Magnetism comes from a dark chained place
    That clasps one’s head to outer space
    A painful thread by now impossible to trace
    Arising red like you’re hit with mace

    To ask the question, where is your love?
    Is to garner a list of multiple abuse
    The spotted crystal heart of an endangered dove
    The father of affectionate misuse
    External illusion bids internal illusion truce
    If love is war, I always lose

    To gaze at this loveheart’s descriptive picture
    Beneath the star’s vaunted scripture
    I wish it weren’t so full of litter
    I wish the stars had given me a true suitor

    God, it’s awful
    I can’t even look at it
    God, it’s awful

    ~ Muffin
  2. forlorn

    forlorn Staff Alumni

    Well structured and very vivid and intense....loved it :)
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