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The Long Spiral to Oblivion

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I've been suicidal since fifteen. I haven't quite made an attempt yet, but I'm getting progressively closer. I'd bought <edit moderator total eclipse method> but got hit by a car and seriously injured before the date came. Foolishly enough, I had a friend help me return the <edit moderator total eclipse method>I'd hoped being broken would encourage an outpouring of sympathy from my community. It didn't. Now that I've recovered, I figure it's time to try again.

I can't say why I joined this forum. For all the wrong reasons, I'm sure. We'll see how it goes.
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Just want to welcome you to SF I am sorry you are suffering so greatly i had to delete your methods posted as this is against the rules please read them okay

I hope you are getting some professional help so you don't attempt again but get some coping skills in place to help you move forward h ugs
I don't believe in professional help, so that's out of the question. (I couldn't afford it anyway.) I want emotional support from my community, not from strangers. (So what am I doing here? Perhaps consistency isn't my strong point.)
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