The Loosing Battle.

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    Got seriously bad toothache. I figure that like most pains, given time it will go away. Decided to play a little game last night whilst I was sitting on the edge of my bed treading the tightrope where pain and pleasure are almost overlapping. I called it "Name The Pain". This is what I came up with.

    Shooting Pain: Liquid fire running the full length of my jaw which flared on and off with the regularity of automatic gun fire. Shooting Pain is the grunt of the pain family. You know he is likely to show his nasty face when you have experienced increasing General Pain for several hours.

    General Pain: The underyling agony which is frequently lost beneath a multitude of stronger pains; but what it lacks in power, it makes up for in tenacity. Like the unremitting roar of modern battle, this persistant pain is the head of the pain family and like a seasoned veteran, he guides the other pains until either you or they win the bloody war.

    Stealth Pain: Strikes without warning and has the precision of a computer guided missile; Usually waits until you have grown so use to the other types of pain that you are drifting between consciousness and sleep. This is the most powerful of the pain family, but like a missile strike, it is often over as quickly as it began, even if it does leave you reeling.

    Pleasurable Pain: This one tends to come after Shooting Pain has almost worn you out, and elevated General Pain another couple of levels. With the delerium caused by the stress of so much agony, I was surprised when this new kind of pain poked her promiscuous little head up. She began as what I thought would develope into Shooting Pain, but then she tickled a little bit. Beware the touch of Pleasurable Pain though, for she is bed fellows with Stealth Pain, who follows her around like a jealous lover.

    Crazy Pain: This is the pain, which can only be realeased once all the other types of pain have done their job. General Pain uses Crazy Pain, only as a last resort. When all else has failed, and still you refuse to go to the dentist because to do so would be to admit defeat, Crazy Pain hits you so hard that all of the other pains are destroyed in the blast. This is the kind of pain that has you seriously considering performing dental surgery on yourself at four in the morning. It leaves you feeling sick, weak, and covered in sweat. Crazy Pain is usually the last resort, the straw that breaks the camels back. After Crazy Pain strikes, its fortunately close enough to opening time that a trip to the dentist is not too far away.

    I am going to the dentist today. I may have lost the war, but the sweet oblivion of blissful painlessness is a small price to pay for being a total wuss.
    Oh, and by the way, anyone stupid enough to get to the Crazy Pain stage probably deserves it for not taking care of their teeth. :wink:
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    Intersting comments about pain! Glad you went to the dentist, and you're right about taking care of your teeth. I've a couple of friends who didn't go to the dentist for like 10-20 years. They brush daily, but in the end it's not had to have many of his teeth replaced (up to about 8 now).

    Now, the issues for him are not only pain, but it's costing lots of $$$$$$$$$$.

    Good advice! Hope you're doing ok other than that!!! Also, you're not a wuss...I've posted on your threads before and you have great qualities!!!!