The loss of my friend rant :)

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    Ok, this originally was going to be posted in my diary but I actually really want some sort of comment on this. This is flat out stupid.

    Now i'm only down to 1 friend left in the state of Maine. All other friends are in other states or from online.

    Let me tell you a brief story about how this happened.

    Rosa wanted to go to her doctor appointment and asked me for a ride. I said sure - as long as she pays me money and the weather isn't bad. Then she kept texting me insisting that the weather would be good, etc. Today it's been snowing all day and I don't have snow tires, so I told her my mom suggested I didn't go because of the weather.
    I told Rosa, she understood.
    She later texts me telling she really needs to go, she'll do anything. I realized that if she said no she'd beg anyways, so I had my boyfriend text her telling her NO.

    She later texted me back and called me saying " I rly can't believe u."
    The first thing that popped in my head was "Wow, you're getting stupider and stupider every day; you're 17, you should be capable of spelling normally." Second thing was "Oh, great. Now she's applying the guilt trip on me." So then on facebook,aka passive-agressive rosa's complaining paradise, she posted "Tip of the day: Never depend on stupid that sit on there ass all day pretending they are fucked up, wen rly they just are lazy and selfish"

    So what i'm getting at is - is it JUST me, or is that really fucking stupid? Asking me for a ride, me saying no tons of times, and she says that i'm stupid and sit on my ass all day pretending i'm fucked up? Who WANTS to pretend they're fucked up? Uh, a $13,000 hospital bill can bet my ass that i'm not pretending - she KNOWS I was in the hospital, too. Sorry, I guess, for not looking like I have cancer or leprosy? It's a shame I don't have a stamp on my head saying WARNING: I HAVE SCHIZOPHRENIA/DEPRESISON/SOCIAL ANXIETY.
    I replied telling her that she's the lazy and selfish one for inflicting her anger on me and not walking there or finding another means of transportation. I mean, it's only 15 miles away and she she needs to lose an extra 200 pounds anyways. Plus she could have had her mom reschedule it to a date when she could drive her over there.

    This is what makes me hate "real" friends. SF and my boyfriend are all I need. :dry:

    Is this my fault at all that I lost her? Or is she just a thick-headed shit?
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    She sounds like someone you would be better off without.
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    her fault, her loss.
    I mean you could be all lovy and try to drive her anyway/turn your whole life upside down to find someone else to drive her. But that would only result in you being a personal slave.

    Unfortunately there are more and more of these people wandering around, and it can' possible be them it's something wrong with, it just have to be the rest of us. I say get rid of her, but don't lash back at places like FB, it will only make people side with her *sigh*
    and please don't give up, there are nice people out there in real life as well, almost as many as there are trolls on the interwebs :p Only nice people are alot harder to find than trolls offcourse.