The Lost Child

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    The Lost Child

    Slap! As we travel
    to a time before
    Only a few years ago,
    beaten agiasnt the shore

    We see a young man
    huddeled near a wall
    Along with a darkend figure
    advancing along the wall

    Another blow to the child
    as more tears come with pain
    closed fisted now, as
    theres nothing more to be gained

    The figure starts yelling
    For even the child doesnt know
    just another thing to be scorned

    The blood dripping from his
    soaked, matted bit of hair
    At the stain the figure smiles
    and the child sinking deeper into fear

    Angry again as the
    child begins to weep
    the beating continued
    until the carpet held it all to seep

    A loud crack as finally
    a bone gives and breaks
    A fresh cry of pain
    A new wave of hate

    Laughing, still drunk
    the fugure finally leaves
    the child still crying
    up the wall he heaves

    He lifts himself up
    and back to his room
    he rocks back and forth
    wishing the pain be gone soon

    More pain as he trys to fix
    his arm and bandage again
    Every failure means more
    so more pain shooting up his limb

    Finally with a sigh
    its wrapped up tight
    Now he washes the blood
    from his hair and his sight

    He passes out at last
    with a pray to god
    trying for nothing
    every trial, every fault so hard

    As he walks through school
    people staring at his arm
    A few ask him what happen
    the figure told him to lie. A Fall.

    They shrug it off, thinking
    what a clumsy kid
    the marks fading
    under his clothes to sit

    But his eyes tell the tale
    of those drunken nights
    dead from long abuse
    its gone, his last ounce of fight

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