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    MS. N.C.M is after me and I do not understand! I think it maybe the fact that I dropped my loser ex-husband and he still doesn't want her. I just don't understand why she has a problem with me though. It is not my fault he used her as his personal toy and left her on the side of the road. I am not standing in the way of their relationship, I am out of the picture! So why is she so obsessed with me still? I think she needs to face the facts and move on. I pray for her, poor dear needs to get a clue. I thank god that I have moved on. I'm so out of touch with envy emotion, I just do not understand it at all.

    A poem for the lost one

    Woman Scorned

    Black clouds gather in the overcast
    Just like a hurricane
    The rising tides ever so high
    As someone calls out her name

    Her fragrance is smelled within the breeze
    But to listen, not a sound
    And marking it’s path of what is to be
    One rain dropp coming down

    Oh is born a woman scorned
    Be unfaithful and so be warned
    For is today where love used to be
    Nothing will protect you from harm

    The rising tides where love used to lie
    Love and hate such a small line
    Nothing is found that is as sound
    As what follows one tear dropp down

    Black clouds forming in the overcast
    It’s to late, it’s coming fast
    Now you can dream of what will never be
    As a storm gathers in the breeze

    For is born a woman scorned
    Do you realize what you have found
    And marking it’s path of what is to be
    Follows one tear dropp down.

    CopyRight 2006 Bill Simmons
    AKA BillWilliamStar
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    I just don't understand why she has a problem with me though.

    My guess is that she's jealous b/c you were strong enough to move on and she's not that strong yet. She sees your strength and she's envious of it. Just my opinion but its probably not too far off the mark. I hope it all works out. TRY not to let it get to you too much. She's probably hurting inside and doesn't know how to deal with it. Good luck w/ everything.