The Madness

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by AshleyMarie, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. AshleyMarie

    AshleyMarie Member

    All happiness is short-lived,
    Just remember,
    Eventually reality will kick in,
    and soon when you're on yor knees
    begging for the best,
    the worst will come out,
    of you,
    every happy memory will be out of your grasp,
    A bit of relief will strike you,
    and the pain will pound at your door,
    The past will drag you down,
    Drowning in a pool of sorrow,
    Wanting what you once had,
    Haunted by your fears,
    Scared of your future,
    look at the happiness,
    look at what you can have,
    one glance,
    and its sucked dry out of you,
    scream a cry for help,
    who will ever know,
    its coming for you,
    The MADNESS,
    Is Here.​
  2. johnson8681

    johnson8681 Well-Known Member

    Great poem! can relate with this one thanx for sharing.
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