The Magic Place

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  1. The Magic Place

    by Elijah La Faye

    * * *

    Unto the graveyard I go

    To walk the pathways that roll somberly on

    Stone gardens are my delight

    Corners with secrets only I could know

    * * *

    On days of wind , and days of sun , I go

    Seeking solace from the desert some call life

    i go , to visit my closest kin

    Those who dwell within

    * * *

    Yea do I travel to this ancient land

    To see the obelisks and pyramids and urns

    Flowers like gemstones on emerald sand

    Scrolls and tablets proclaiming the dead

    * * *

    Here , my heart of fantasies and dreams , is revealed

    As I walk like a ghost , ethereal

    Brimming with wonder as I ponder the ground

    Knowing what lies concealed

    * * *

    Here I dance and dream , and dare philosophies

    In my silent oasis , where I , for once , belong

    And as the sleepers in their chambers await the Judgment , bored

    So too do I wait anxiously for Atropos to cut the cord

    * * *
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    Very serene and strong. Who is Atropos?
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