The Man Whom God Forgot

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  1. Vangelis

    Vangelis Well-Known Member

    The Man Whom God Forgot by Lee
    June 11 2006

    You ever sit back idly by, stare at the
    heaven that turned you down so many
    years ago, leaving only vague vagaries
    and summations of what life could've been,
    if things were drawn out as slow punishment
    in the form of blind love, fake mirrors.

    Deep down, I still look back at the sky,
    look back on life, knowing I can't go back
    in history and change the course of events;
    would it be different if I was born to another
    family? Would it mattered if I was popular or gifted;
    I guess it wouldn't in your eyes,
    the one person that look down on his experiments.

    I denied myself the right to live, the right to grow
    up to be in your eyes, a strong accomplished
    individual, though my veins run morose as london
    fog, and it hurts my heart when I remember;
    the faded memory, a beacon reflects this dirty pane
    and shines deep, burrowing into the coal mine,
    searching for any survivors.

    Maybe my tears won't reach you again,
    they always fall short of the silence,
    Maybe this prelude will swing like the pendulum
    of motion as many times as I will pace this will,
    my steel cage, and I'll one day show you the
    face of a man whom god forgot.

    ©2006 Lee T.
  2. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    Nostalgic and powerful. Very well done.
  3. Chargette

    Chargette Well-Known Member

    Very well written, thanks for sharing it with us.
  4. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    such powerful meaning excellent write
  5. Vangelis

    Vangelis Well-Known Member

    Thanks all whom read. Much appreciated
  6. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    thanks for sharing :)
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