The Mask

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  1. Only1?

    Only1? Active Member

    I wear a brave to hide the native
    Fighting talk hides the peace
    Can I see me?
    Listen to the silence
    Look behind what you can see
    Barren, wasteground, life
    I take the overflowing cup
    My star I cannot reach
    I drain the cup
    Tears well up
    I roll against it
    The day is black
    Why do I not work?
    My friends, I have cast aside
    Roll the dice
    The false smile of concealed grief
    In the mourning, my dirge, kills my sleep
    No dance along the path from me
    I wear me like a shallow grave
    In a mind of trouble, the search is on
    Can I see me?
    My mind fails me, and the words of a fool come from my mouth
    I suckle from a tin to escape my mental din
    My blinded eyes relay their lies
    Dead feelings sleep in my cold frame
    Deluded theatre hides my shame
    On the map I am, I cannot be found
    The filthy noises of life hide my quiet sound
    I put my brave upon me, for all the world to see
    My inward glare becomes intense
    My critical eye regains its zeal
    My hypocrit stands ready to patronise, with blinkered, inward
    looking eyes, but as hard as I look, I cannot

    By my lost one, 25/8/1995
  2. Really powerful imagery!
    I especially love this line:
    "The filthy noises of life hide my quiet sound"
    (that sacred sound..)

    (Kinda confused about "I wear a brave", "I put my brave upon me" - is it face?)
  3. Only1?

    Only1? Active Member

    Hi, thanks for reading.

    Yes 'the brave' is referring to the hard face he wore to get by. Where he lived you were either hard and intimidating, or weak and intimidated. He had to be that way to get by and yet he was such a compassionate soul, who would never hurt anyone. Its a very old poem that, he wrote it before I knew him, but I just wanted to share it, and theres more when I find them. :smile:
  4. Kewl :smile:
  5. ACRon

    ACRon Well-Known Member

    a great read, thanks for sharing
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  6. Petal

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    really awesome, thanks for sharing!
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