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the meaning of life?

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I think thats a little long to read lol

but as the thread name is the meaning of life i think ill share my views on what the meaning of life is plus im bored lol

Its a very hard subject to explain fully and everyone will have their own opinions on what the human race os on this earth to do, some people may believe god but them here to make a difference in the world or some may believe in the scientific side of things. Personally i believe in the scientific sider as i am an athiest, to me the meaning of life is basically the reproduction of the human race, basically i think every person is brought into this world to produce offspring ensuring the human race does not diminish, the reproduction ensures that humans will continue the cycle of life, this is the reason for both reproductive systems in males and females, if the meaning of life was not to reproduce then why have this system to bring new life into the world?

anyone else wanna share their views?


the meaning of life

there is none, something so ambiguous and vague cannot be answered by religion, philosophy, etc etc.

Sa Palomera

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The link is rather long and I can't really be arsed to read it, but I can answer the question in the title of the thread. At least what the meaning of life is for me.

I think the meaning of life is different for everyone. Eventually we'll all die, which could make one ask, 'then what's the point?'. I guess there is no real 'point' to life. It's about doing things in life, filling life in the way you feel is necessary in order to be satisfied.
Our entire life we're seeking to find that satisfaction, I guess. Some find it at some point, but then will continue to seek for more?

I guess the meaning of life is to keep searching. Searching for what? Well I guess that's different for everyone, as it differs per person what is 'satisfactory' to them :dunno:

Just my two cent. I hope I made sense :rolleyes:


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An acorn becomes an oak tree. There is no purpose or meaning behind it, but it doesn't just happen magically. It needs sunlight and water, a good environment for it to prosper.

In the same way I think each person needs a good environment in which they can grow to simply become that which they will be.


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I thought the meaning of life was to live a life of meaning.

But playing videogames and staring at the TV for hours on end is pretty sweet too.
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