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  1. Media can only be described as Satin behind a mask that is accepted. As far as right, and wrong, they know the difference.
    Always a spectacle, it's a public show, to make everything so appealing. So the people nurture it, as it hopes for extension, as some hope for extinction.
    It's not indefinite, it's got a lifespan. They are just expressions, used for their propaganda enslavement.
    Expressions are revealing just where you would rather be, A stereotype to keep you chained.
    Subliminal messages sent into your brain everyday, To plague you with what is good, and what is bad, what is accepted, and what is not.
    They twist, they lie, they manipulate to get the reaction they want out of you blind people. Yes I say you blind people, because you can't see what I see, you can't feel what I feel.
    It a cancer spreading into your soul, and soon you are going to be dead. Decaying you from the inside out, crippling what really is good, and what is bad.
    Twisting a set morals, and a code of conduct. This is a world there is no cure for. This is a world made up upon greed. This is a world that I am not meant for.
    This breathe is wasted on suffering. This breathe is wasted on you. So hang me out to dry, I am sick with a sense of knowing, whats gone wrong, yet I'm still running.
    I am like a soldier on a mission, as these foundations are pulled out from under me, as these fundamentals of a good life, are taken away from me.
    So if theres a God, or is there just emptiness like me, as I face this world, in a war I am struggling in. I'm choking on these words you corrupt the people with.
    "As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice".
    Your ideal theories, of Sex, Lust, Violence, Greed, you're corruption, Who twist Golden rules, no mercy or salvation,
    curse what ever tongue you speak in, for when you open your mouth, you open hell. infinite, number of times you open hell,
    and leave us to sit in your filth and, stench, not the purest water will make my skin come clean.
    I can smell it where ever I go, I can smell it in my sheets, I can taste it in this blood,
    I can feel it with this knife, that I trace into my wrist, bleeding away your disease, that plagues me, you're a virus with no cure for, for you crucified everything that is pure.
    You're toxic, you're a poison polluting this earth, with your wicked intent. You''re everything that I am not, for I am good, I am a fighter, I am a sufferer.
    I'm sick of this darkness, but I fear that morning is coming no time soon. You're the shadow in this light, Your a nightmare in my head every night. You're Despised!
  2. Wow. I like your post, Carbon Monoxide Perfume

    Society is awful. The media is a major source of the blame, yet, the way society is set-up allows the media to influence it so much and in such a negative way. Everything is the way it is because of society, and it is horrible.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.