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  1. KittyGirl

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    My mom's boyfriend is kind of an asshole.
    Aside from all of the relationship crap that's going on between himself and my mother-- he looks at me like I'm trash.
    So I feel like trash, obviously.

    Something that just got me a couple minutes ago though... is the fact that he has all of these full bottles of prescription medication in the kitchen--- next to the spices.
    It's totally accessible for me.
    I've tried before with my own pills; but I feel like these little bottles are taunting me. There's probably enough to take out a couple horses!
    They're teasing me... saying; "Hey, Van! Why dont'cha try the 'good' stuff, huh?! We'll make sure you never wake up!!"

    He knows that I've attempted. There's no WAY he could've not noticed how depressed I am... but he leaves his drugs out where everyone can see them and get to them.
    He's probably one of the most inconsiderate guys I've met in my whole life.
    Really mean...
    If I were a bit lower tonight- I'd have probably popped those bottles and dropped x_x in the kitchen right then and there.
    How could that skip a person's mind? Does he not give a shit about what happens to me at all?
    ...I guess not. He never did before.
    Didn't seem to care when his daughters kept cutting as kids, either... since he never spoke to them about it. The type of person who just ignores it and pretends that nothing ever happened. or like.. 'whatever happens has nothing to do with me!'

    ...fuck you, Ray. Seriously.
    You drive me nuts. -____-
  2. ozbound

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    It amazes me sometimes how selfish some people can be maybe it's the way their wired. But I would rather be the way I am with all my problems than be someone who doesn't give a shit about anyone or anything. Even if I do think sometimes it would be easier try not to give into temptation and give the pills a wide birth.:agreed:
  3. total eclipse

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    Tell your mom to put his dam pills in a bag I lock up all t he pills in my house now and my daughter feels safer. Let him know he needs to lock them up
    some people just don't get it.
  4. Things

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    Why the hell is your mom dating such a prick anyway?

    I don't know how you could fix this situation though. Obviously, he's too much a jerk to do as he's asked, so asking him to put away his pills won't work. I would suggest moving them with out his permission, but I'm guessing that's only going to start a fight.... :/