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The members have spoken (literally!)

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Anyway :poke:

Is anyone gonna post their voices in this thread, or am I gonna be poking people forever more?? :tongue:

I'll be the first to post me voice in a few mins, if that's the case! :rolleyes: :biggrin:
Joe is hunky pants!!!

I think everyone who post's should say that! lol

Eh i heard the people laughing when bunny said hunky pants! :laugh:

Eh sexy voice Lauren!

My voice sucks as i said before lol, ester should post! shes got a sexxxxxxxxxxxxxy voice :tongue:

Sa Palomera

Well-Known Member
too bad I don't have a proper mic and only have a skypephone and there's no option on skype to record something I say. so TOO BAD :tongue: :tongue:

I'd like to say that I love Vikki's voice, as well as Joe's and Bunny's and Lauren's accent is just GREAT :biggrin: especially when she goes on rambling. and Devastated's voice always makes me crack up ( or is it more the things she's saying :rolleyes: :laugh: )

and of course Mal's voice is great too, as well as Carolyn's and MJ's (especially when he's doing dirty talks :tongue: :laugh:

oh and I love Vikki's giggle and Carolyn's laugh. And Lauren's laugh also cracks me up everytime, lol makes me wanna laugh too.

ok basically I love everyone's voice. Except for my own lol or at least my INCREDIBLY Dutch accent sucks :laugh: :laugh:
Im surprised anyone understands what im saying. I still think i sound like a teenager...

Ester ive heard your voice and its da bomb! Me thinks sexy, me likes it! ;)

I want to hear Blubbers voice. Post something pleeeasssseeee.
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