The memories of her are ruin my life

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    Everyday is the same, just think about her nonstop from the minute I wake up till the minute I go to bed. Remember all the times we had together, all the promises we made to one another. Her agreeing to marry me and then I remember she is gone and for what? Because she assumed I would stop loving her? I showed I loved her and cared about her for over 2 years, how much more could I have done? It's like what's the point of life if you could have material possessions or money or what ever but you still don't have the one person you love? I have even meet other women and I can't even allow myself to be happy with them, it's really bad. I see things on the news like someone got shot a few blocks away and I think to myself it should be me. They probably have someone that cares about them, I don't anymore. She sends me messages online from time to time telling me she misses me but she is with someone else now, what's the point of even messaging me? I tell her how much it hurts me and she says it upset her to much to know that. I mean I really don't see any point in living anymore. Every ones mad at me right now as well.
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    Block her, you don't need that pain on top of everything else.

    I know exactly where you are coming from, been there, worn the t-shirt, carry the scars.
    I know you won't believe me, but one morning you will wake up and not think of her straight away.
    Gradually the gaps between thinking of her and not thinking of her will get bigger and bigger, until you won't have thought of her for weeks.
    By how you are still feeling, it's way to early to be considering another relationship; give yourself time to grieve and when the time is right, you'll meet someone and know you've moved on.