The mental health system sucks

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    Man, Im writing this cause I just had a real shit time visiting doctors and psychiatrist. My GP was outta of ideas about treating me so he referred me to a psychiatrist. It took about 4 months for him to respond. Finally when I was ment to visit him I drove out to the hospital and parked at great expense. I asked where to go to see this guy at an information desk. They sent we to a private ward, who sent me to the emergency room. I waited at the emergency room for about an hour (no idea why I was wasnt an emergency) then this guy comes out and starts asking me all these personnel questions (i.e. how close are you to capping yourself) in the crowded room with a whole bunch of people pretending they arnt listening in. Finally he sends me accross town to another place. More parking fees. More waiting. More stupid questions only for them to send me back to the original place. Finally I reach were Im meant to be only to be told I had missed my appointment so I must wait another month for another appointment.

    for fucks sake.

    ....writing that felt better though
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    Blah that's awful!
    It's so infuriating that people get put through that sorta crap. stupid people. stupid system.
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    Going back and peeing on his car would make me feel better :mad::laugh: