The Missing Two Years

Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by chipper, May 10, 2011.

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  1. chipper

    chipper Well-Known Member

    I can't remember anything that happened in my entire third and fourth grade. I also found out that all photos during those times are missing. i don't know if i burned them. I don't think my parents did.

    i am scared to know what happened and why i burried it deep.

    how will i remember? hypnosis?
  2. Julia-C

    Julia-C Well-Known Member

    If you ever find the answer to that question, let me know.

    "Child Trauma Amnesia or known as Psychogenic Amnesia is clearly a defense mechanism and a survival method," said Charles R. Figley, Ph.D., director of the Psychosocial Stress Research Program, Florida State University at Tallahassee. "In most cases, people begin to process the traumatic experience immediately by asking: What happened? Why did it happen? Why did I act the way I did? In attempting to answer these questions", said Dr. Figley in a telephone interview, "their findings become so painful that they very gradually and selectively begin to forget." The memory loss serves as a means of getting people through the long crisis period following the trauma. "It is much better to delay the full realization of what you/they are attempting to cope with until you/they are in a better position to deal with it."

    I have no idea if anything happened to you or if it's just that you simply don't remember. I wish I knew how to help you remember but I don't. I have tried for many years to remember some things.

    I hope you can someday remember and what you remember brings comfort and not sorrow. :)
  3. dazzle11215

    dazzle11215 Staff Alumni

    hypnosis is a bad idea and especially not recommended for people who were sexually abused.

    your memories, if there is something to remember, will come with time. they will come when you are strong and ready for them. in the meantime build up your support network. if you don't have a therapist, find one. read as much as possible. the book "the courage to heal" is a good place to start.

    don't rush it. you are much safer taking it all nice and slow.
  4. Madam Mim

    Madam Mim Well-Known Member

    I have almost six years missing, from the age of six to twelve. I have absolutely no interest in finding out why I've blocked them out. Ignorance is bliss.

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