The never ending battle

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    My life has become such a train wreck. This time three years ago, everything was fine. But now it has all fallen apart.

    I have worked so hard to come up with a new plan for my life. Now I just have to take action. I have to let go off the past. All the negative people in the past who judged me badly and made me feel bad. Now I realise they were the ones with low self-esteem and they only judged me badly because they had low self-esteem themselves.

    Now I am going to rebuild my life surrounded with positive people. I'm going to let go off the past and forget the losers. I'm going to do things I enjoy. If I ever meet any negative people that try to convince me I am wasting my life or I have mistakes I am going to realise they only say that because deep down inside they hate themselves. I'm going to forgive them and I am going to walk away, not letting them affect me.

    The future looks bright. But to make it happen, will take a lot of action. To make it happen, will be the never-ending battle.
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    You can make a new path and yes it will be a fight but i know it can be done
    get support from here and only positive people okay. Hugs to you for trying and i know soon you will have better days Let go of the past yes but learn from it okay I wish you all the happiness you deserve positive vibes being sent your way :hamster::stars::starwars: some fighter to help you