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The never ending possibilities By: Kai Michage.

''Altho It may not seem like the best source I have helped more than I could ever count and I too hope my words reach you as a light in the night. A inspiration that begins your life one page at a time.''

From the moment I opened my eyes to this lucid dream I remember always having a heart that needed to help others as if it was my life's purpose and mission. I remember one Thanksgiving specifically because it stands out more than others I had for the first time realized where and what turkey actually was. It was a bird that had to give its life not knowing what life actually was to begin with. Least to say this hurt my very soul..

I was immensely hurt by this discovery I had pleaded to my Mother. ''Mom, Mom We need to make the turkey better we need to take it to the doctor please mom bring the turkey back!''. At the time my mother laughed and thought it was immensely cute that I had no concept of the realities of life and death and I know I promise this has a point I assure you. If you are still reading this means you have been intrigued by this tale thus far. The point being that much like this turkey we all have been brought into a world that almost seems like we have been brought into a very cruel game that we never had a chance of winning but, If you are reading my words there still may be a chance for you.

This world by its very design was started very fair until we had become brands monitization and corporate every single detail of this world has been made as such including our very foundations and banks so people have become no longer individuals but resources, Stocks, Expendable material put in a special way and literally socially engineered to follow a certain path to sustain that system with little to no chance of divergence. The idea of doing what you love at its very core seems to be supported but very unlikely to happen much like how individualism is supported to its very core its good for the economy so at its core it sustains this system that has been established to alienate us and crush our very spirits. To the point you are here now in this very moment reading these words because somehow you do not fit the social mold and have been forced into subjugation of your mind leading you to believe you must end your life because you don't fit this system or its molds.

But I must stress to you.... You can be happy you can be human... Just not by ''Their means''

It is my belief that if enough us the beat the broken and the lost just come together like we have been support eachother not abandon one another we can survive this world. Help one another out establish a network where we all join one another with our skills in some way.

But I digress for some even the idea of friends can make them smile in hindsight but the void is still with them. And to that I give you the ''Reader''. A homework assignment today at night time still within reason to stores being open but still dark out giving a feeling of comfort. Go out slowly explore your city find areas slowly you never been that are pretty or neat and then leave a note in a tree or on a bench Today I live. Share this image with me or just tell me your tale I want to hear from you and after you do that get something to eat something you never tried before. '' If I may be so bold I'd recommend poutine being american I had went my whole life never having it let me tell you it is life changing''

Sincerely to you from: K.M~

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