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    I would like to know why it is that when a patient calls for an emergency appointment, get put through to a duty nurse and gets told that it is not an emergency so they do not need to see a doctor until 3 weeks from now. What is that person meant to do until then? Hope and pray that they don't die? Carry on self-medicating with alcohol? Fall behind on their coursework because the people that are meant to be helping refuse to? Y'know what... maybe these poor people are just leeches of the system, who knows? I always thought that they were there to never ignore a desperate cry for help.. Maybe the system has got so bad now that only people with medical insurance can get the help they need when they need it.
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    Yeah mental health services are a joke.

    I went to the doctors and I got an appointment with the gateway psychiatric nurse, I told her I was planning on killing myself and she said to come back in two weeks for another session and she would put me on a 3 month waiting list for counselling.

    The only chance of emergency help that you can get for feeling suicidal, is basically to get yourself comitted to a mental hospital.

    It really reaffirmed one thing to me, nobody is going to help me, I have to help myself or basically just die. I'm through the worst of the period now, no thanks to SSRI discontinuation syndrome, and am taking high doses of 5HTP which I find is helping.

    No wonder so many people kill themselves, society, in general, in just uncaring and doesn't provide the help that people so desparately need.

    I hope your situation improves, try to be strong and get through these difficult times.

    Take care