The Nightmare

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    I wrote a poem and wanted to post it here... so.. um.. yeah.. :unsure:

    The Nightmare

    I am bound and tied in unbreakable chains
    Sorrow pouring like a thousand torrential rains

    I want to wake up, I want to be free
    But nothing is turning out like it was ever supposed to be

    I look to the sky, screaming and shouting
    I pray to the Lord, begging through the doubting

    In the distance, far away, there is a light I can see
    But the light seems to be traveling forever away from me

    I sit on the ground, head in hands, and I hear
    A voice like no other, the epitome of fear

    The voice belongs to a figure, its frame draped in black
    It speaks "The light of hope is gone, it is never coming back"

    "You are never going to matter, no not one bit"
    "You are never going to win, so you might as well quit"

    I gaze at the figure, staring in dispair
    And I notice the face, his and mine are a pair

    "Ah, now you see, this is your own personal hell"
    "A place where you torture yourself every time that you fail"

    Is it but only an illusion of a mind that needs repair
    Or is reality truly and endless nightmare?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.