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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by bono, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. bono

    bono Well-Known Member

    Most forms of media shying away from suicide coverage. Fearing that it will only encourage copycat attempts. I would like to thanks NBC’s “The Office” for making suicide the theme of last weeks episode.

    It was absolutely hilarious. I can identify with the main character, who wants to be the center of attention and whose top priority is to make a good impression on everyone. Its also incredibly ironic that his name is Michael (like mine ) and was going to commit suicide by jumping off the rooftop. I jumped off the roof of the 16 stories tall power plant which I work at back in November…found the coincidence way to Neat!

    ~Bono the uppity Canadian with a floppy head and beady little eyes
  2. bradkh888

    bradkh888 Member

    you jumped off a 16 story power plant and survived?

    are you ok?

    are you god?
  3. butterfly12274

    butterfly12274 Well-Known Member

    Hehe, if I'd survive such a jump I'd prolly get up and jump again, just for kicks!
  4. bono

    bono Well-Known Member

    Its sounds more impressive than it actually was. The power plant was 20 stories high, but I landed on top of the mechanics shop which is 4 stories tall. For a 16 story fall the impact speed is about 50mph. So its equivalent to being in a car accident, without the seat belts/ air bags/ and deceleration due to the car crumpling. The mechanic shop roof was too soft, it provided 2feet (dent) of deceleration.

    I broke ribs, an appendage in my neck, shattered hip, sever bruising of internal organs. I will make a full recovery. Minus the metal pin in my hip, a seven inch surgical scar, and my left leg is now a inch shorter than my right leg (from missing bone). That said it could have been much worse…I could have had a nine inch surgical scar!
  5. downmage

    downmage Well-Known Member

    That's the one thing I fear..suviving the attempt.

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