the one i didnt fight hard enough for

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    I think of you all the time
    Wondering how you're not mine

    We hadn't spoke for three years
    And when we did there were tears

    I remember the night we met
    It was the night you cast your net

    That super high pitched shrill voice
    I knew I made the right choice

    You show me pics of my son
    and I think no way I had that done

    I hate myself more each day
    For having let you get away

    you found me at your time of need
    Having no idea how I missed your greed

    There is nothing about you that I would change
    But maybe the locale in which you range

    As soft and worthless as i may feel
    Just the sound of your voice makes me steel

    It felt so good to be your shoulder
    im glad you realized my love since you're older

    I can go on and on about you
    But with even this much sappy you'd say it blew.
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