"the Only Gift Is A Portion Of Thyself" *

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by theleastofthese, Dec 25, 2006.

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    The only gift is a portion of thyself.
    If that is so then I can give nothing,
    for there is nothing left.

    There is naught in me worth giving now,
    and all that once had value
    has long been given away.

    I fault no one for this,
    'tis my own responsibility
    that I ended up a negative.

    Giving life four times
    was what? A brief moment each,
    now useless - I have no more life to give.

    I hold no claim to greatness,
    not even on a small scale,
    for I am less than the lowliest of beings.

    Self-loathing the worn cloak
    in which I wrap myself - I have
    no other clothing with which to cover my nakedness.

    This is not poetry or prose,
    just old musings on an older subject -
    what purpose have I ever had?

    I was my parents' first effort -
    they produced better results
    with practice after a time.

    This is my 55th Christmas -
    and, I hope, my last.
    There is no more joy to be had.

    *Ralph Waldo Emerson

    apologies for posting such shit, but post-Christmas letdown is overwhelming...
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  2. Sooz - - -

    I don't know which part is you or Emerson in what you posted - but you make such a difference in my own life since I've beeen at SF.

    I think you try really hard to be a good mother, but your kids have minds of their own - which is how you raised them - to be independent thinkers!

    You hit your head against the wall because you taught them to lay bricks like a good bricklayer - you taught them to make solid walls like any worthy carpenter. You are not useless or unworthy - you have taught your children the rites of passage into the adult world - and they're still learning...

    As a matter of fact, dont' you agree --- none of us should ever stop - learning - for good or ill, lessons gained...

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