The Only Healer Is Time

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    The Only Healer is Time

    Green grass, blue skies,
    Birds soaring on high,
    I feel the warmth of the sun on my face.
    As the gentle breeze,
    Flows over sparkling seas,
    I know in my head, Mother Nature’s in this place.

    Though I can see with my eyes,
    What before me lies,
    I can’t feel it under my skin.
    There’s a cloud over me,
    That no one else can see,
    The dark valley is drawing me in.

    No matter how hard,
    I try to discard,
    The negative thoughts in my mind.
    I can’t see the rainbow,
    Because of the rain,
    Searching for something I just can’t find.

    I feel out of control,
    Something’s stabbing my soul,
    I want to give myself a good shake.
    It’s hard to keep smiling,
    When inside I’m crying,
    Putting on a brave face for other’s sake.

    Though I know it won’t last,
    And soon this cloud will pass,
    But while in its shadow I’m caught.
    I can’t see the light,
    There is no end in sight,
    Under its spell, I’m lost deep in thought.

    It’s hard to describe,
    How I feel inside,
    Others can’t know unless they’ve been there.

    But I can recognise,
    When I look in their eyes,
    And see the same shadow I share.

    Though through it all,
    I’ve learned to walk tall,
    And grow stronger with each passing day.
    Some things I can’t change,
    And in a way it sounds strange,
    But I’ve grown accustomed to being this way.

    So the only comfort I can give,
    Is to others who live,
    Under a grey cloud like mine.
    Love and support each other,
    Until the cloud passes over,
    Be patient, because the only healer is time.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.