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The only woman I could trust.


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Words can't describe how badly I miss you, grandma. It's been about 17 years since you've passed, I still think about you all the time.

You took Jake and I away from our junkie hooker of a mother. You showed us that childhood is supposed to be about fun and learning new things, not about being asked by your mother to kill her.

When we did wrong, you made us eat a bar of soap, spanked us and gave us timeouts. For once we had rules, and though it may have been tough you stuck with it and I couldn't thank you enough.

You were the only woman of moral character I've ever known. Mom was a *****, step-mom cheated on dad while he was overseas, and the two girlfriends I've had have cheated on me. What's worse is I got the pleasure of witnessing mom/step-mom in the act.

I have to be honest, I try not to think of you because it breaks me into tears, something a 32 year old man should never have to shed.

I miss you grandma, and if I'm wrong and there actually is a heaven, I hope I get to see you there.
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Hugs to you hun your grandmother is still looking over you hun I hope you can honor her memory hun do something special in memory ofher okay. Know she would want her grandson to be happy


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Thank you. She was very good woman, but of course she was taken from me too soon, leaving behind all the rotten ones. Life seems to be like that quote says "Only the good die young". All the assholes get left behind, which is why I believe if there actually is a heaven/hell, this must be hell. No fire and brimstone, just a daily dose of arrogance, greed, selfishness and power-hunger.

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