The Origina Garden of Sins

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  1. Shezamura

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    Your soft, soft roses are beautiful
    They blossom and I lye in the bed of sweet melody
    Each petal is satin and silk of fire
    From pink to red to black and white fantasy
    This is your garden I tend so dear
    And mine is yours and always warm
    The passion needn’t subside from within
    For new sensations are always born
    And I’m on fire when you come
    I water your garden with happy tears
    Another hand is placed upon
    The memories of our happy years
    You’re on fire when the sprinklers burst
    It trickles and tickles your fantasies
    One after another the flowers curse
    Such sweet power in our Heavenly pleads
    Fingertip to salted lips of every movement and yearning
    One and once more the fountains around
    The sins of our passions are burning
    We’re on fire as I speak, burning up all the covers
    And again and again we’ll tend the garden
    Always as sinful lovers

    12/21/04 Tuesday By, Samantha Browning
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    Great poem :) Thank you for sharing! :arms:
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