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    The other day someone a few of my friends knew killed himself and all they could say was that he was selfish for doing it the way he did, leaving people to find him. I tried to say there really isn't a way you can do it that won't upset someone and they were just like, "well don't do it then".... Heh oh riiiiggght THAT'S what we've all been waiting for, someone to say DON'T do it. :dry:
    Just makes me a bit paranoid about what would happen if they found this site and also what they would think of me had I done it, or if I did... not in too dangerous of a mood at the moment but it's sad to think I'd just be called selfish...
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    People who don't have mental health issues have no clue!!! It's as if they still live in the stone age...Suicide is tabboo to them..You know someone has to find you.. So whats the big deal,are they afraid it will rub off on them??? I just don't get it.. There are more people commiting now than there ever use to be because of the economy...They have lost all hope..WTF get over it already!!!(not you Xan) people!!!
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    I believe suicide is selfish to a certain degree, if you are part of a family or a network of friends who love you very much. However whether you have family and friends or not, it sometimes feels as if you are alone, and this case it most certainly is not selfish. Furthermore everyone should have the right to take their life if they so wish.

    I have attempted twice and been resucitated, however I as sure I will try again. Sometimes I feel suicidal and sometimes I don't, we can't control how we feel regardless if we take medication or not. I am selfish but I don't care what others think, if and when I try again, it will be my choice (with a clear mind or not).

    Suicide is still regarded as tabboo by 'normal' people and this is wrong, they need to be educated to the compley human psyche.

    Not pro-life, not pro-suicide....but pro-choice.