The Other Event

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  1. AlexElm

    AlexElm Well-Known Member

    I jogged past the falling autumn leaves,
    Jogged on and on, because that was my reprieve,
    And I picture again those cold-hearted thieves.

    It’s five in the morning, like every day,
    And I stop at a deserted causeway.
    I stop and think again of that horrible day.
    My mind snaps to attention, as I hear a blasting horn
    And what I see next made me want to run away,
    But I saw that woman lie on that bloodied footway.
    And then I knew I could not run away.

    I approached the man lying on the floor
    The blood was spewing and I tried to ignore,
    His looks at me like I was his saviour.

    I crouched down low and looked at him,
    His chances of living looked very slim.

    And I screamed at the streets, but they just echoed back,
    When nobody came, my throat became slack.

    I called an ambulance from a near-by phone,
    And when I returned, he was still alone.
    I shook him once, but he didn’t even groan.
    I shook him twice, but he was a gravestone,
    Unable to move, and unable to moan.

    I took in the scene and all that happened,
    From the black cement that is now crimson,
    To the dead man’s face, which is now softened.

    I ran back home and on the way there,
    I could hear sirens, crying out in despair.

    I was 10 when this happened, just half a year after the first one happened ( . Not as good as my other ones and I wish I could write how guilty and how helpless you feel in these situations, but I cannot convey it without experience...

    Not writing any other one of these, although it helps, it hurts more and I feel the guilt/helplessness again after writing these.

    PS-Comment please.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    You did what you could you were a child how tramautic for you i have had such events and i still too am haunted thinking what else could have been done
    I am glad you posted i am in doing so you have let some of the pain that remains inside you out I hope you are getting some therapy if so talk about these things okay you need to talk about them hugs
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