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The Other Shoe

Does anyone else ever feel like they are just waiting for the other shoe to drop? I know we should enjoy the “good times “..
But I often feel like it’s just a precursor... that soon enough the other shoe will drop and darkness will engulf me again.
Not sure how long I have felt this.... but it seems like forever since I have been able to just simply relax.
Interested in anyone’s feedback on this.


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Every day I do. Every job I had in my past went South at some time. I am aware and wonder if the same is going to happen at some time in the future. There were times I wondered back years ago if I would be struggling trying to find a new job if something went haywire.
yeah I do unfortuntaely. I try my hardest not to cause I've been sad too much as it is, but I've had so many bad things happen in recent years I feel doomed and do feel uneasy/anxious at times when the the next bad thing will happen, as if its inevitable :( although to be fair, I'm at the point now where everything bad that could happen has happened so I have nothing to be scared of I guess :/

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