The Party to end all party's literally

Discussion in 'After Effects' started by super ted, Jul 4, 2010.

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  1. super ted

    super ted New Member

    Wednesday 30th June

    My house warming Party. Iv been l.ooking forward to it for weeks, trying to get some pills too, DJ playing etc, its a BIG party. Cant get pills, settle for mephadrone which i havent taken in nearly a month having spent the best part of 5 months on it from january. not every day like but 2 or 3 days a week, proper sessions too. Anyway party goes great take loads of meph, house is full of people, going great, i think i might have been taking ketamine too but im not sure, there were lots of people offering me lines of stuff and it could have been anything. i Pull a girl who iv been with a few times before, we go to my room, get into bed etc but dont have sex. party goes on, that morning after chillinh in my room with some mates with a major comedown and freaking out a tiny bit, said girl gets into bed with me, i can hear ppl still downstairs in my house but by this stage i dont care, and just let them get on with it. the girl initiates sex with me and we end up doing it, then falling asleep. i wake and can still hear ppl downstairs talking about getting her out of there, i think im freaking out, but go back to sleep. later on that morning her friends come and get her and take her home. i go back to sleep.


    My mate rings me to see if i want to go for a drink but i say no cos im hung over/ coming down, but the real reason is that im scared that everyone thinks i have done something to this girl. all through the day i can hear voices at my window talkingt of how im a tramp, rapist etc. that night my mate calls over and i refuse to speak to him for ages but finaly tell him that i think all my friends think im a rapist and that he is in on it and they are all trying to get me. he tries to convince me that it is drugs and that its all in my head, but i freak out and chase him out of my house with a brush, grab a knife from the kitchen and go back to my room incase they try and get in.
    all night i can hear people outside my house trying to get in, some other friends call round but i wont let them in.

    friday morning i can hear them saying that this is it they are coming for me, their going to do to me what i did to the girl, so i decide to kill myself, not because i think im a rapist, because i knew i wasnt but becasue all my friends thought i was. i failed obviously, but i had a good go at it. while i was in hospital being treated i could still hear all my friends say these things as if they were behind me. suddenly i get the realisation that i must have actually raped someone, so i tell the nurse im a rapist. around this time my mate from the night before comes in and i tell him too that i think im a rapist. he tries to assure me im not, i go see the therapist and she tells me its the drugs, i even ring the girl in question and she confirms that everything was consentual, but i still have it in my head that all of my friends are setting me up, and that she is too to try and trap me.

    my mum takes me home that evening and i can still hear them all say how thier going to get me.

    at the minute i really am on the fence. i dont know what is going on whether all this was in my head because of drugs, but it seemed so real.

    im my head i am either a sex offender who is being set up for major revenge by his closest friends. or im a complete nutcase
  2. neonjin

    neonjin Member

    What kind of drugs have you been taking? Have you ever had any psychotic episodes at any point in your life? What you are describing sounds like full on delusions. I've never heard of anyone getting this way and still being unsure/paranoid and not knowing what to believe days after the event from merely drugs. If it is from drugs, then you need to cool it for real.
  3. wheresmysheep

    wheresmysheep Staff Alumni

    Ok, from what youve said I think its the drugs that did this to you, like you still heard your "friends" while you were in the hospital, how could they be there?
    Drugs can have a serious effect on your mental statem and can casue psychotic episodes, are you still intouch with the psych? can you see them till this passes?
  4. Dave_N

    Dave_N Banned Member

    It seems to me like you're having some serious drug induced psychotic episodes and you might want to lay off the drugs for a while.
  5. super ted

    super ted New Member

    Yea it was deffinaitly the drugs, drug induced psychosis. major wake up call. clean and sober from now on i think, scariest time of my life, apparantly its been happening a lot with mephedropne users, writing it down helped a lot so thanks ppl :).
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