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    Hello, my names Melissa, prefer Mel. I'm 22, and I have had depression since I was 14. It's been an on-off cycle. Well this years depression has hit me harder than any of the years before, and frankly I'm a bit scared that I'm not going to make it through this one. I'm really tired. I'm in College, my major is Social Work. This all started back in March when I began to fail my classes (I'm usually a Straight A student), I ended up dropping out of college for the semester. And got even more depressed, then I took the summer off, I got kicked out of my house and was homeless for a few weeks until a friend took me in, and I live with her now but my depression has only gotten worse. Especially this last month. I went back to school the 3rd but it seems to not made a difference. I ended up in St Mary's Psych Ward for a week. When I finally got out I was so disorientated and out of it that I didn't feel like this was my life anymore. It was hard to adapt back to real life. And on Friday I decided to take a walk, which was a bad idea, cause I made an attempt to kill myself. And at this point I have tried everything to get better. I have been in therapy for the last year, and then the psych ward, and of course on medicine; nothing has fixed me and I'm at my wits end.
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    Hi Mel have you talked to your doctor about other treatment plans hun new add ons or even ECT something hun to help you get out of this darkness. Did something happen to cause this downward cycle at 14 I hope you continue to reach out to whatever supports there are ok Keep talking to your doc ok hormone treatments sometimes work Medical to see if your thyroid is not working iron levels ect hun make sure they check everything
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    How did you get kicked out of your house?
    Glad you had a friend that took you in. How is your relationship with her? If she's someone you trust it might be good for you to talk with her.